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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Big" Girl!
When I think about our girl growing up (because she is), I think how it's all happening too fast! I remember as a child wishing and wanting to be older than my age at the time. I remember thinking that time moved too slowly and how I wanted it to speed through the week because Fridays never arrived to quickly for that anticipated spend the night or Saturdays for that fun birthday party or youth trip. Now as an adult, its just the opposite! Time is moving but now its going a little too fast for me. In previous posts I've talked about how I don't handle change well, I still don't. I do however look forward (and accept..well sometimes, because right now we need to break C's crib down to a big girl bed beacuse she's crawled out of it about three times, but the mommy in me is just not ready) to each new thing Miss C is doing at each new developmental stage. She's doing so many new things that I can't keep up with and I hardly have time to write them down (sad), so I go mainly from memory! For instance, last night I saw her do about four things she's never done before and in another post I'll talk about those newbies but for now I have to replay those actions in my mind (crazy I know). So here's our big girl doing some very big girl things! These were taken on Nov. 3rd! (so yeah, I'm a little late, but they are my thoughts for today).

Hmmm. I do like mommies shoes! Wonder if I can
wear them? Now, how does this work?

I figured this business out, (I'm determined
ask my mommy and daddy)!

Yay for you! Show us what else you can do in
those clodhoppers!

I'm traveling in them! You go girl!
Clomp, clomp, clomp!

I can also get into my booster seat without
any help!
Ready, Set,...

I'm in!

I see that!

Another yay!

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