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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Car Buddies!
Yesterday was President's Day but I still had to work and so C got to play with her friends at Ms. Leah's! Yesterday wasn't a day with students, but our district held it's biannual Instructional Fair! I always enjoy the fair and I have presented at two out of four! It's a day to see friends throughout the district that you don't see everyday and it's more importantly a time to learn from other colleagues (I know I'm a dork, but I love to learn). So I began the day knowing it would be relaxed and funfilled! Yesterday, C began her trip to Leah's as usual with all of her car buddies plus a new one. Bovey (bunny lovey) and sweetly are usually always in the car but she just had to bring Elmo! She loves to rub their tags for the satiny feel and she'll talk to them and sometimes she'll tell them "No MA'AM" in her most county voice. My favorite part is when she hugs them and loves on them as if they are her very best friends. I love the car buddies they were each gifts from some very special people in C's life and as you can tell she defintely loves them too!

Miss C with her car buddies!

Ms. Leah was able to take this picture of C yesterday while she was completing a puzzle! I worried for the longest time thinking that she would never be able to master putting a puzzle together. She's always wanted to do puzzles ever since she was introduced to them but always seemed to have a hard time turing the pieces and knowing how to put them back in the puzzle to make the picture! She's mastered it now and continues to love putting "puzles" together. From the look on her face I think she's enjoying this puzzle!

C at Ms. Leah's working on a puzzle!

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Michelle said...

Melissa, Caroline is so cute! I'm glad you and Mark met and that I now have a new blog to follow! Is it still blog stalking since Mark knows you in real life?!? :)