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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss C turns 2!

Yesterday, was a much needed ray of sunshine for this family! We had the absolute best time celebrating Miss Caroline's 2nd birthday! She spent Sunday-Tuesday am at her Aunt R and Uncle D's house and we met them early Tuesday am so we could get our birthday girl! She had her two year checkup yesterday morning too and Dr. T said she was doing quite well! She's 34 inches tall (50th percentile) and weighs 26 lbs (60th percentile)!
We spent the majority of yesterday at the Riverbanks Zoo! C loved every minute of the five hours that we were there! She wanted to see everything and couldn't stop talking about the baby chicks last night when we got home. She kept saying "baby chicks" "baby chicks" over and over and so we had this conversation; M: Where did you see chicks? C: At the farm. M: Where was the farm? C: At the zoo! She remembers everything!
After our zoo trip we celebrated more of her birthday at home! She opened up her presents and we ate birthday cake that was made by daddy (the best kind).
Another yesterday favorite was how she sang "Happy Birthday" to herself all day long (when we were not). I've included a video of her singing Happy Birthday to herself (don't forget to mute the music playlist at the bottom).

Two years ago!

The Leviners two years ago!

One year ago!

The Leviners one year ago!

Miss C at 2!

The Leviners at "Two"! 


Tasha said...

love the singing!!

Kathy Henson said...

Happy birthday sweet Caroline! :)
Love, Anna Claire and Charlie!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Care-line :)

Love, Maddie