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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cooper's 1st Birthday!
Our friends and neighbors, Amy and Brandon, just celebrated their son Cooper's first birthday! C absolutely loves Cooper! She has always called him AmyCooper for some reason and thinks that his daddy's name is just B instead of Brandon! Cooper is precious and we love him so much!
Cooper had a wagon birthday theme and his mommy along with his aunts made the decor, down to the wagon pinata!

Happy 1st birthday cutie pie!

Cooper and his mommy!

I love party decorations! They complete any party!
Here's Cooper's birthday banner that his mommy made!

Smash cake!

This is just the cutest...a radio flyer birthday cake!
This is one side...

and here's the other!

The Leviners helping celebrate his big day!

C absolutely loved this circus tent...

and this marshmallow goody!

The wagon pinata!


C getting her turn at helping get the loot out!

Ah, getting her share!

Cute! The party favors!

Rice Krispie wagons! Loves!

Cooper taking C on her first date in his new wagon!

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper we love you!

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ALHnBKH said...

We are so thankful and blessed to have such amazing friends and neighbors!!!
Thanks for taking such great pictures and celebrating with us!!

We LOVE you all soo much!!!