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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bye Bye Pacis!
Today was the day when...
Miss Caroline said good-bye to all her paci friends! It was bittersweet! My little girl no longer needs these friends to soothe her! She has had a paci since she was two weeks old. Initially I was one of those moms and said I'm not starting that paci thing! It was mainly because I was nursing and didn't want her to have nipple confusion, but I gave in and gave her a paci one night when it seemed like nothing would comfort her (it was the only night that I remember her crying for what seemed like forever (she has never been a crier...I hear that "I'm blessed" and "that I should wait unitl I have the next one")! I don't regret ever giving her a paci. It has comforted our girl so easily for so long! It was all she needed when she was tired or when she got boo boos! Also, I noticed early on that they made her more settled when she was wound up! I just knew that getting rid of her pacis was going to be hard and a task I wasn't ready yet to conquer (we are in the midst of potty training) but it was quite the opposite. Ms. Leah told me that she didn't offer it to her at nap one day and that she only cried for it twice and then was fine. The next day at nap she went down just fine. A week later we quit giving it to her at night. The first night she cried for half a sec then was fine! It has now been two weeks and we are paci free! Looking back I think C was ready before now to give up her pacis but in my mind I thought we'd wait at least until she was three! I'm glad this was easier that I first thought! Our pacis now have a new more permanent home!

She might be paci free but she has found a subsitute!
Here she is spending some quality "last time" minutes with the friends.

I'm ready to go momma! I'm ready
to take my friends to...

Build-A-Bear! She picked out a nice cozy home
for her pacis as well as a new soft and sweet teddy bear for herself!

I absolutely loved the lady that helped C build her
bear! She was compassionate and told C
how big of a girl she was for getting rid of all those pacis!
She even put her favorite paci inside the right paw!
 That was very special for this momma!

Stuffing the bear with all those pacis!
Everyone went inside the bear, one by one!

C kissed the last paci! I did get a little teary...
it was a definite moment for this momma!
C washed her bear!

She dressed her bear in overalls!
I was thinking she'd pick girl clothes complete
with frills and bows! Nope, he's a boy!

She gave him the name of Paci Bear on his
birth certificate!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Melissa. Try to discourage the thumb. Amanda has been a thumb sucker since she came out and there is not putting the thumb in bears. Our dentist keeps telling us not to worry, but I don't know how she will ever give it up.-April