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Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Leviner Thanksgiving
The Leviners sure do you know how to throw a Thanksgiving feast. One that is not only filled with a great spread but also one with lots of family time, love, and complete with many small children! I love, love, love Thanksgiving! I love reflecting about all of the many things that I have to be grateful for! I love getting together with family and catching up and seeing how much the little ones have grown. I also love that we have hayrides! I love going to Aunt Sue's and Uncle Jack's for this special day. Everybody finds their own niche (or rather their own vehicle in which to ride or drive on the open field)! I love how we mingle with one another and how you can see patches of dispersed groups here and there! I am thankful for this wonderful family that I married into! We sure do have some really good times!
I didn't blog last year's Thanksgiving! Instead I posted all the pics to FB! So for this year's Thanksgiving post I am including some pics from last year's gathering!
Caroline: 2010!

Caroline: 2011!

The rival cousins: Bear and Greyson! I'm
sticking with Greyson! His team beat his cousin's!

This pic isn't so great of me (we were facing the sun) but I sure do love my little girl's happiness!

Samantha and Evan just ridin'!

Greyson and Caroline: 2010!


The Leviners 2010!

Caroline and Samantha!

Daddy with his Scoot!

The two sidekicks!

C hanging with her boy first cousins: Christian, Silas, and Franklin!

Golf Cart time! Franklin, Samantha, Hatten, Anna,
Caroline, Greyson, and Marian!

The packed out hayride...round one!


Miss C!

Jason and Angela kicking up the dust! You
should see how these two drive four wheelers!

Franklin car surfing!

Shooting skeet!

Paul and C!

Granny, Caroline, and Babydoll!

Caroline and Granny: 2010!

Aunt Sue taking more hayriders!

Leviner Girls 2011!

Leviner Girls 2010!

 Caroline finding another ride...

and working on another!

Alana getting driving lessons!

Christian having a blast!

Uncle Sam and Samantha!

Hilarious! Look closely! Katie Beth is falling asleep driving
and her passenger isn't in much better shape!

Katie Beth has the prettiest smile! C loved riding with her
and swinging with her!

Taylor's turn for driving lessons!

Aunt Sherry and Beth: like mother like daughter
love these two!

Happy Thanksgiving to my sweet "turkey"!

Winding the day down with some coloring time:
Caroline, Samantha, Hailey, and Alana!

More Leviners and friends!

This is what it's all about! Love this crowd!

Miss C on Hello Kitty: 2010!

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