"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Sweet Caroline,
Tomorrow baby girl you are turning 3! That's a big number! Just within the last three weeks daddy and I have seen you as so much more grown up, especially when it comes to your communication skills! Your talking is unbelieveable. You can carry on a conversation with just about anything. Your art of verbal difference will come in handy too, one day, but for right now mommy and daddy are right! There are many favorite Carolineisms that I love to hear you say! My number one is "I love you mommy" (and as you say it, you immediately rest your head on my shoulder and start sucking your thumb) followed by "your the best". Then after that we get into a tuggle with saying who thinks who is the best! I always win this one because you are the absolute best!
Besides talking away you are also the sweetest! I love how you come up to daddy and me and ask "wanna play with me mommy and daddy". Then you grab our hands and lead us to whatever toy you want us to play with you with. It's almost always the puzzles. You have mastered all the puzzles you have. You are now working on your magnetic dolls, arranging their clothes and shoes, etc, but they are like puzzles and we know how much you love putting things together and tinkering with what all they can possibly do (ahem, the buttons on my or Pop's shirt).
There are many many things you love besides mommy and daddy! You love your kitty! You think he's one fluffy pillow and he doesn't even flinch when you pull his hair! You love your Big C! She hangs the moon in your opinion! I would say there is something to be said about how special your relationship is with her. You love your grandparents, especially when they come to your house to visit! You love having them play with you whether inside or out. You love talking on the phone to Aunt Rhonda and you love asking mommy about your littlest twin cousins! You think every time we buy something it's for them or you! You also love Sunday school (who could forget Ms. Andrea's and Mr. Kevin's lovebot)! You make a big deal about your SS crafts each week. Don't worry! When they are removed from the fridge they go into a special art case that I bought for you earlier this year! I frequently go through it to see how much you've grown with your coloring!
WOW! There are so many many more things that you love like chocolate milk, sunny days when you can play in the sandbox, going to the library on Fridays and finding the scratchy books, eating at Chic-Fil-A for dinner, and at McDonald's for our usual Saturday morning breakfast! You love to draw (especially on antique chairs), paint and color!  You love playdates with Morgan Kate, Nolan, Charlie, Anna Claire, Sarah Ann, and Reece! You love new clothes and hair bows! You love saying that you want to be a dancer girl when you're a big girl! You love being read to every night and when it's time for bed, you love reminding us to leave the hall light on, which we do!
I love you so so much, even when you are a sassy girl, and right now you are pretty S-A-S-S-Y and you so dislike being proved wrong. You are stubborn too and I'll appreciate that when you are a  big girl, like say 21, and at college! You are as strong willed today as the day you turned 2! That hasn't stopped. I'll be thankful for this personality trait too, one day, but not so much right now! We aren't wanting to snuff your strong will we just want to channel it in another direction (ask the spanking spoon or Ms. Leah), ha! Speaking of Ms. Leah, oh how we love Ms. Leah and all the friends you have to play with while at her house! Ms. Leah has really been a strong support in helping you to learn and play as you grow! Ms. Leah is defintely a blessing to our little family and we are so very thankful for the time and love she invests and gives to all of us!
I'm thankful little girl for all these wonderful and sometimes trying moments that you bring into our lives. You are a pure joy! I love hearing you laugh when daddy chases us up the stairs when its time to go night night! I love hearing this same laugh when you get embarassed and cover your face with your little hands. I love this same sweet laugh that you do when somethings so funny that you bend over in laughter! You amaze us everyday with your spunk and vibrant personality. I never want to miss a moment if it means that we're getting to know you more! You are defintely sunshine on a cloudy day!
I could go on and on about how special you are to us and how much we love you! I'm thankful to have the opportunity of even writing this to you right now!
You will always be momma and daddy's big girl baby! I hope you always think of yourself that way too! Year two rushed right on by so let's slow down year 3! I'm excited to see all the things year three is going to bring for our little family! I'm so very proud of you and I'm thankful that God allowed daddy and me to be your parents. I'm still amazed that He saw fit that we would be what you would need for parents on this side of Heaven. I hope that you'll one day know and understand that He's all you'll need sweet girl.
Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl and never forget that you're the best!
Love and Prayers,


Kathy Henson said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline! Anna Claire and Charlie love playdates with you too and we can't wait to celebrate with you Saturday! :)

Cortney said...

Soooo sweet :) :) Can't wait to party on Saturday!! And maybe we can have a play date over spring break too?? :) but not at the zoo--remember last year?? :)

CAW said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!