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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Week 37!
Today makes 37 weeks! According to the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" Caroline is full term today! I had my doctor's appointment also today and I saw Dr. Holladay, my regular OB- I was very excited that he was in the OB suite this afternoon! Everything again checked out to be great news! BP- normal, urine- normal, weight- gained 3.5 pounds (not so bad- Sam's been fixing these yummy cinnamon streusel muffins and they're very addictive- I ate three in one day)! So total weight gain 35 pounds.
We got the results from last week's B strep test and I'm negative for this type of strep- so no antibiotics for me prelabor nor during labor- I was very pleased about this too! Dr. Holladay measured me and I'm measuring 36 weeks- still a week behind but again nothing to worry about.
I had a few questions for him that involve- LABOR- this word tends to make me nervous and cringe but it's going to happen! I received some handouts from last week's visit- came home, read them, and then afterwards had a host of questions. My first question- okay- really how do we know when to "make the call"? Dr. Holladay told me that my contractions need to be five minutes apart for one hour, I needed to be huffing and puffing with the contractions, and I need to be thinking to myself I can't take this anymore- these are signs that I need to "make the call"! I said okay, GOT IT! I'm trying to have all this planned in my head- I live 30 minutes from Baptist- so thirty minutes into the contractions- I'll make the call!!! I know, I know- things don't always go as planned no matter if you're the best planner in the world- but at least I can say I have a plan!
Oh, Dr. Holladay told me that I was also 50% effaced but no show no signs of dilation yet! I said, "oh that's good"! He told me that no I want to be dilating because then when its time to deliver I wouldn't have to work so hard- in other words if I wasn't dilated at all I would have to labor for a long time even if I were to be induced- so dilating at this point is what I want!
I'm getting anxious as I prepare my children for my leave- I've had some parents during our parent/teacher conferences last week to tell me that their child is very upset that I won't be back. I'm sad about this too and it was heartbreaking to see them so sad as I was telling them again that Mrs. Leviner won't be returning. It's really a lot of preparation in getting things organized for someone else to teach your classroom. I love my long term sub- Shirley Smith- she's done several long term sub positions for my team and I even told my team that I'm jealous that they get to work with her and I don't- she's such a Godly woman and Leviner's Lambs are going to love her- so I don't have anything at all to worry about! As of now I've gotten my maternity binder, filled with all kinds of information, ready. I've worked on getting end of the year permanent records, language arts folders (for when they go to second grade), testing samples placed in the ELA folders, summer reading packets, etc, etc. I'm now going to tackle 3rd nine weeks report cards, and getting my room ready for Ms. Smith. I'm going to have to come back when school's out to pack my room up for the summer- I may try to put some things away before I leave- but we'll see about that! Being a teacher is the best job in the world but it keeps me very busy- its a 7am to 6pm job! However, when school starts again in the fall I'll be leaving ASAP to get Missy Moo so I can spend that precious time with her- I'll never get the missed time back and I want to enjoy all of her firsts! I love her so much already but I just won't really know how much until she's born and I'm holding her for the very first time!!
Also, today I requested the doctor's on call schedule for the rest of March. It looks like Dr. Holladay won't be delivering me but I've seen most doctors in my practice and I'm okay with that- they're all WONDERFUL. I'm guessing- from the schedule that it could be either Dr. Salley or Dr. Stands- but we'll see!
I'll keep you posted!

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Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

Wow - you are so close, only a few weeks and Sweet Carolina will be here.
I know you must be so excited, I went to the doctor yesterday and I am 18 weeks but measured 20 - I said what does that mean, she said, BIG BABY!!! Yikes~! See you soon.