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Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!
We had a lot of fun yesterday watching Caroline depict her Easter basket! She liked the grass and eggs more than the book, bunny, and animal crackers that we got for her! Since this is her second Easter (yes can't believe we're already doing seconds already), I've also posted my favorite Easter picture from last year..her very first Easter!

She's pulling out the grass and eggs! Never minding
the goodies!

She has the funniest facical expressions!
Happy Easter baby!

Everything must go in the mouth! Tastey or not!

Still liking the grass!

So do you like what the Easter bunny brought you?

Last year she was two weeks old at Easter
 and I completely forgot to get her a basket
for Easter or anything else for that matter! I
promised myself that I would never be
so forgetful again! Her Aunt Rhonda and
Uncle D, however, brought her an Easter basket
last year filled with goodies!

Our little family! She is sockless because we
lost one of her frill socks at church!

We took her outside to take pictures and brought
along her basket so she could play with it!

The pictures, the weather, and the colorful
eggs were very exciting to her...

but I believe the grass was more fun!

Look at this cute pie! This is my favorite picture
from this year and this is my....

most favorite from last year!

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Cortney said...

I love her dress!!! :)