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Friday, June 18, 2010

So I am a few days late getting this post written! I've been having a blast helping teach first graders at LBC's VBS!
How many of you dislike seeing pictures of the places where people have stayed while on vacation? Come on, BORING! Okay, hands down. If you're like me, you just hate it! I use to think it's a waste of film (or now GB space) and time but now I know why people enjoy showing their pics of where they vacationed. I'm doing it right now, as we speak (hyprcrite you might say, maybe). But its because I'm obsessed with this little red cottage. It's just so cutesie! On our all girls family trip to Ohio, Rhonda chose this cottage for us to well, vacation!
I have to admit we didn't arrive until midnight last Monday (or would that make it Tuesday am). We were way back from any main roads and while traveling these back roads with only our GPS as direction and guidance, all we could see was that our car only fit on the road and to the left and right of us was very tall grass (eerie, scarey, frightening...it was all of those things and I was very nervous..imagine being in the car with me on that night or early morning). When we arrived at the cottage and saw the little lantern on in the den, my niece said that this was the perfect set up for the perfect murder. Everything, she said, was too perfect as we quickly unpacked the car. These were crazy thoughts and she kept selling them to the rest of us and by 1:30 am we were calling the owners to calm our nerves. It was just that perfect! We finally went to sleep and when we woke up we laughed at ourselves. It was beautiful! The landscape the wide open spaces...perfect for a vacaction!
We had the best time vacationing in this quaint cottage all while learning about the Amish communities all around us! I had the best time and I cannot wait to take Caroline back!

Just love and miss this place! So serene!

The Den with the famous lantern! We left
the lantern on the whole time!

The master suite!

The Jacuzzi (only Kelsey was brave enough
to get in)!!

The Loft!

More of the loft!

The owners Rich and Marilyn want you completely comfortable and satisfied during your stay in their cottage! So they stocked the fridge (and kitchen mind you oh, and even the bathroom) with everything! She even provided maple cinnamon rolls and bread from a local bakery! The kitchen was stocked with coffee in the grinder, cereals, everything you would need to have a nice vacation!

We rented an SUV that was still too small to take C's pac-n-play (there were 3 adults, 2 teenagers, and one baby along with all the cargo). So this is how she slept...between Rhonda and me! I think we both woke up numerous times to move her back in the middle! She's my snuggle girl (and yes I did just post this!!)!

My two nieces think the world of little Caroline! They love playing, holding, feeding, and loving on her! I'm so thankful for these two very sweet gals! I love how they love her! They are great real models for her! Here's Courtney with C! Playing before our big day of learning about the Amish (which is what the next post will be about)!

Kelsey and C!

So just in case you want to go to Dundee Ohio and to Holmes County to learn about how the Amish live you are more than welcome to vacation at the Red Cottage Hideway! Here's the number...just in case!

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