"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas just seemed like it went like it came this year...super fast. I feel like, especially since C's been born, that when Christmas arrives it seems like it was just the previous Christmas. WOW! The older I get the faster it seems the years go.
Anywho, this Christmas came and left behind lots of fun memories with family and friends. I'm treasuring these family/friend fun times more and more (I'll save these thoughts for my New Year's Resolution post).
Here's how The Leviners celebrated Christmas this year.
Christmas began with the arrival of Cinderella, our elf. This is Cinderella's second year being C's elf!  During one visit, one evening, she brought along Jack and a letter! Jack enjoyed hearing all the wonderful things that Cinderella told Santa at the North Pole about C and wanted to see C for himself. He came the night that he was passing through on his way to see Brycen and Braylie!
My family celebrated Christmas at my house this year. Here's Miss Nataleigh! She loves baby dolls! She also loved being pushed around in this toy stroller by C.

Here's Nataleigh's twin brother, Nicolas!
He's a cutie and easy going! My kinda guy!

Loving on my sweet angel baby!
Can't get enough of her!

Kelsey, Nicholas, Caroline, Courtney, and Nataleigh

It just wouldn't be a visit without Big C painting
C's toenails. A Christmas pedi for sure!

C loving her rainboots from Aunt Rhonda!
She wears them all day when she's home!
The Leviners celebrating Christmas at The Longs
with our Sunday School class! It was a blast!

LBC's Young Families Sunday School Christmas party! Love these ladies (several couldn't make the celebration). These gals are pretty special not to mention a lot of fun! Me, Kristen, Amy, Jamie, Rachel, and Holly!

My sweet dear friend Raven held her annual cookie decorating party for Nolan, Morgan Kate, and Caroline! The kiddos had a great time decorating the cookies that Heather made from scratch! They were delish! I think the adults had as much fun (if not more) than the kiddos!
Nolan, Morgan Kate, and C! Love, love, love
these little friends!
Miss Emi! Nolan's baby sister!
She is one sweet angel! She slept through the cookie decorating this year! I'm quite sure that next year she'll be getting down and dirty in the flour and frosting just like the big kids!
It's cookie decorating time!
Ta-da! Beautiful! Yum!
Having loads of Christmas fun making smores @ LBC's Christmas at the Barn at Harmon's Tree Farm.

Aunt R and C decorating cookies! This is my fav pic of these two!
Now on to eating those decorated cookies!

It's snowing at the barn! My recent most fav pic of my girl!
All bundled up and ready for worship!
We love Jesus and are so thankful for His birth!

Some of my favs enjoying celebrating Christmas at the Barn!
This photo booth pic is worth showing twice!
I love, love, love this! We are a silly bunch!

Here's C seeing the lights at Riverbanks Zoo!
It was cold but oh so fun!
It was a treat running into some of Sam's family! We were ready to go when we ran into them but decided to stay 2 more hours! It made for an even more fun night with The Beckwiths, The Macks, and The Toole families!

It's Christmas Eve! We are getting ready to take 40+ Mary Kay Satin Hands Set to Richland's NICU mothers! After our delivery we headed to LBC's Christmas Eve service! By the evening's end we were blessed and our hearts were full!
I say this every year, but I love making our Chrismtas cards and I love getting Christmas cards! Here we are for 2012's!
 Santa came and dropped off presents for a very good little girl all while eating his milk and cookies and writing our girl a special note!
Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho!
One excited little girl about getting the princess 
barbies! One.Very.Excited.Girl.!

After seeing what Santa brought we headed to the Burg to have Christmas with the rest of the Leviner family! Here's C with Samantha and Anna! Afterwards Samantha read the verses from Luke 2. The story of the baby Jesus. We had a very fun afternoon with this gang of loves!
All the Leviner cousins: Silas, Samantha, C, Anna, Christian, and Franklin! They are a cute looking bunch! After the Christmas festivities these kiddos played for hours outside!

Before C headed off to Boiling Springs to spend time with her big cousins we headed over to the Broadwell's. This had been a three year tradition! Here they are: Caroline, Charlie, Sarah Ann, Anna Claire, Nathan, and Reece! Next year we'll have Sarah Ann and Reece's little brother Carson to join in the big kid fun! Can't wait for Carson to make his debut in about 7 weeks!

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